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Ormus References

Chapter 13

Ormus Guide References
How to get Ormus into your life today
The following sources of information were found very useful in writing our book. In some cases I may differ with small aspects of what they present, but overall these should be great resources should you choose to explore Ormus in even greater depth.

 Dancing with Water The New Science of Water. Dancing with Water is an exciting book and website which covers may health benefits of water that most people are unaware of. Dancing with Water is a very informative look at Ormus and its relationship with water. Well written and inexpensive, packed with information.

Subtle Energies. Subtle Energies is the best source for historical information on Ormus from the 1980s and 1990s. Contains nearly everything available on David Hudson, including transcripts from his most important talks. Also features Barry Carter's work, a quite prolific and entertaining author who has focused on Ormus and more or less took the torch from Hudson when Hudson retired. User testimonials are another interesting feature of Subtle Energies.  Website:

Hado Energy: The website of Dr. Masaru Emoto a scientist, genius and strong advocate of Ormus minerals. Dr. Emoto gives a great deal of credibility to the Ormus studies as he is a serious and successful physician in his native Japan. Also a serious and eye opening writer. Highly recommended.

Be Well Buzz: A website not strictly dedicated to Ormus minerals, but contains a wide variety of health tips and natural supplement discussions. Using Ormus should be part of an entire holistic health program and if you need some ideas Be Well Buzz can be a help or add some inspiration. Check it out.

There are of course many other books and website available, but this should serve as a good start for the inquisitive mind.

Most of all don't forget to check back at our own website often as we are doing our best to give you the most up to date and cutting edge on Ormus available today!


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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