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Ormus Vortex Trap  


Every magnetic trap partly depends on vortex effects. 


 The Ormus vortex trap utilizes the so-called vortex tube phenomenon, which is one of the most studied water characteristics on the planet.  


However, the outcomes are really mindboggling and call for further research and analysis.

The m-state elements in the water are rotated around the magnetic field and can be classified into two categories: a magnetically reactive element and a non-reactive element.  


The effects are usually determined by the source of the water.  


This is because each water source contains a unique combination of Ormus minerals in different amounts.  


The design of various kinds of these traps is used to make the moist of this potential. There are plenty of designs available and the practice is constantly evolving.

The Ormus Vortex Trap works relatively well.  


However, it is not ideal for indoor applications and should be monitored regularly.  


Ormus Vortex Trap is designed to draw the water into the middle of the vortex.  


It is affordable and simple to create so one needs to select one that matches their needs.  



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